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"A good society is built by active citizens."

About Active Citizens -“My Country, My Responsibility”

  • Invitation

    2018 needs to be a year of renewal for our country. We need renewal in politics, in government, in business, labour and the media. However renewal is also needed at the base of our society: in the bedrock of our 56 million citizens. The moral tone of a country is determined as much by its citizens as by its institutions and national leaders … Read More

  • Active Citizenship Engagement

    Our country has some 25,000 government schools, 53 Further Education and Training colleges, and some 27 Universities. Excellence in each of these depends on the passion and commitment of teachers, learners, administrators, parents, and the communities that support each of these … Read More

  • Regional Steering Groups

    We are establishing regional steering groups for this movement in the following cities … Read More

  • Latest

    South Africa faces a myriad of socio-economic challenges – from poverty to inequality – and there are calls for South Africans to solve some of their own problems by becoming a more “active” citizenry.

    Ellis Mnyandu and his guest co-host Bongiwe Moeli are joined by Mzwandile Simelane, who represents Citizens ZA Movement, a non-profit organisation looking to build platforms for engagement and active civic duty.

    They discuss the role of the youth, challenges to economic transformation and the inability of government and business to work together - (22 June 2016)

Interview with Polity

  • NPC member and BLSA chairperson Bobby Godsell speaks to Polity about the 4-Hour Movement, a citizens charter that encourages active citizenship engagement ... Read More